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January 28, 2011

{via live creating yourself via the cherry blossom girl}

My coworker and I miss the snow. Yup! I said it! We talk about it almost every day. The East Coast is getting dumped on and we are jealous. As long as I can’t be in the snow, I just wanna travel away in my mind. And these gorgeous photos of a snowy Paris is just the destination for today!


RIP Lulu

January 27, 2011

My grandmother passed away yesterday. She was a beautiful lady. She was always quirky and happy-go-lucky. I always loved that she dyed her hair for fun every shade of red you can think of. I will never forget, when I stayed at her home, she would always say she couldn’t go anywhere before she “put her face on.” AKA her makeup. I lived that and I still say that today. RIP Grandma Lu! I love you!

apartment inspiration

January 27, 2011

{via design*sponge}

This is the beautiful APARTMENT of Christina Weber. I just cannot believe that this is an apartment! It is so cute and contemporary with great little details inspired by her interests in architecture, nature, maps, and typography. I always love the home posts from Design*Sponge and find them so inspiring. If you don’t already read it DAILY, you should!


Testing out the iphone

January 26, 2011

I wanted to try and see if I could post pictures from my iPhone. I apologize for the dark photos!

this helps

January 25, 2011

{via: sacramento street photo: walking around}

Love this.

balance and fun

January 24, 2011

{via coco avec moi}

I am so sorry for my unexcused absence the past 5 days. I am learning a balancing act in my new life as a working woman. I give so much of myself for 8-10 hours a day sometimes it is hard to find time to do things to make me happy. Very often I feel like this girl in this picture, as much fun as I’m having, BOY can you get dizzy along the way!

This past weekend was just what I needed. I had a good friend in town and we went to dinner, shopped, went to the gym, watched movies, and got pedis. It was awesome! Thanks for coming up, Lindsay!

I didn’t want to leave you all hanging. Blogging makes me so happy. And while I catch up with my favorite blogs (there are hundreds probably) on a daily basis, I love my blog too much not to share some of these great things with you all. A couple of days ago I found this and laughed out loud. My BF and all his buds are still obsessing over The Hangover like the rest of us in my age group. So how great is this anniversary party I saw on Hostess with the Mostess.

{post via hostess with the mostesss photo cred Jeanna Hayes}

going dutch

January 19, 2011

{images from milk magazine, via sacramento street}

Did you hear that thud? That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. This home blew me away! This is the Dutch home featured in Milk Magazine is the home of the creators of Imps & Elfs. How high are those ceilings? How big are those windows? This would definitely be a home I would have to see to believe!