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sauteed spinach

November 2, 2010

{via big flavors from a tiny kitchen}

If you do not follow the Big Flavors From a Tiny Kitchen blog, you need to. Ashley posts recipes to amazing food that has me drooling constantly. In addition she is a very gifted photographer, so her dishes always look fantastic.

When I was experimenting with veganism I really did enjoy it. I felt great! My only issue was that I am one of those people that does not like raw veggies. I love them cooked, but raw… not so much of a fan. I love cooked tomatoes but cannot stand to eat a slice, love stewed veggies but not a fan of a veggie platter, and in reference to the photo above, I hate a spinach salad but I love cooked or sauteed spinach. Doesn’t that look delish? And so simple!

I heated a few teaspoons of olive oil in a large skillet and added some thinly sliced garlic until fragrant. I thawed and drained a box of frozen spinach and crumbled it into the pan. After this sautéed for a few minutes, I added in a can of small white beans and some halved grape tomatoes. I added salt, pepper, and some freshly grated nutmeg. I heated it through and served it up. It was easy and tasty!

So good. I am going to try it very soon!

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