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Being Vegetarian

August 12, 2010

When I returned from Germany… I felt a little heavy. And a little clogged.

Heres why:


Meat. Potatoes. Starch. Beer. Riesling. Veal.

I decided it was time to detox, and balance out the world after all the cute baby, but delicious, cows I ate. Yum!

I picked up Alicia Silverstone’s cookbook, The Kind Diet, and learned so much about being vegan, where our meat and fish come from in the States, and being kind to your body. Feeling inspired, I set out to be a strict vegan.

I lasted 2 weeks.

I just needed my cheese!

Now I am a hybrid between vegan and vegetarian because I eat cheese and do not worry about baked goods. No eggs, meat, or milk. I feel so amazing, and LIGHT! After 3 months I am down about 15 pounds and could not be happier.

Being vegetarian also has helped me become a more spiritual person and re immerse myself in my yoga. Before, I did yoga every once in a while for exercise purposes. Yoga is so much more than that! I learn more every day 🙂

{via vegetarian society}

I am really looking forward to sharing with you vegetarian recipes and my journey toward becoming a yogi.

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