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Super Bowl Ads In Review

February 10, 2010

I wanted to take a few days to let the excitement of the Super Bowl die down and listen and observe what would be said about the commercials. I’ve come away with two things:

1) Some women believe the Super Bowl ads were sexist.

2) The most recalled ads involved beer and Doritos. Strange, probably the diet of choice for those watching the famous football game.

To my first point, I really think that while there are millions of people, men and women, gay and straight, who tune into the Super Bowl and are viewing the commercials, it is important to keep in mind that these advertisements are targeted to really speak to a certain audience, not necessarily the entire audience as a whole. Let’s take for instance the Dodge Charger “Man’s Last Stand” commercial. I’ll admit this one was my favorite and I am kind of shocked that it hasn’t graced any top 10 lists. Oh well. Men would probably view this commercial and chuckle at it because they would either a) identify with it, or b) not identify with it and laugh at the “poor souls”/men portrayed in the commercial. Some women, on the other hand, key into the TONE OF VOICE the men use when talking about all they have given up and compromised for the women they love. In case you didn’t get that, I really said TONE. Leave it to women to analyze so thoroughly that they find fault in the man’s tone. Typical of all women in all relationships, huh? I am guilty of it too, but I still found the commercial hilarious and was personally checking off the point where the man in my life excelled and failed. It was a funny commercial.

To my second point, I received my Ad Age Daily newsletter today and they reported the numbers on the most recalled commercials and most searched commercials from the football game. The top ten included four beer commercials (Budweiser and Bud Light), four Dorito’s commercials, a Denny’s commercial, and the commercial gem by Snicker’s featuring Betty White (genius). No E*Trade commercials. No car commercials. No Coca-Cola commercials. Does anyone else find this observation interesting? Hm. (This was called the top 10 most liked, most recalled ads. It does not reflect what advertising professionals feel were the best ads overall. I have seen differences in those lists. This lists represent to my understanding the public’s opinion of their most liked and most recalled ads).

Here are a couple of my favorites that didn’t make it into the list:

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