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Gift Ideas For Her

December 5, 2009

The holiday season is upon us, and men it is time to stress about one question: “What should I get my wife/mom/girlfriend/sister?” Women are actually very easy to shop for, and if you know them well you can guess if they like labels or utility. Most like both! Clearly, you men are just over-thinking an uncomplicated situation 😉

However, if you are still unsure of what to get your favorite lady, here are a few ideas that could make her smile:

Longchamp “Le Pliage Large” Tote – $145

In the past couple years I jumped down this rabbit hole and haven’t turned back. Longchamp bags create a cultish following behind them. People (myself included) swear by them and their quality. A close family friend of ours has carried a Longchamp bag with him everywhere he travels, which is everywhere on the globe you can imagine. He stuffs his full with heavy, thick hardback books, and they still last year after year. They are definitely worth the splurge on a back that can be folded and packed away into a suitcase.I also used this bag as my primary tote while studying abroad in Italy. It worked great, held everything I needed, and I never felt threatened or unsafe while carrying it.

I have seen women use this bag while traveling, for school, for work, for the gym, for an everyday handbag. It works for whatever you need it to work for! A great buy.

Hobo International “Lauren” Double Frame Clutch – $100

Two years ago I was given a Hobo International clutch for my birthday and I never want to turn back. Not only does my wallet look great still, it is so useful! It has spaces for credit cards, money and extra pockets in one frame, coins and receipts in the other, and when you open it you have a spot for your picture ID and a couple other credit cards. Also, there is a large zipper pocket where you can stick lip glosses, phone, keys, or whatever you need to make your evening more hands-free. The clutch comes in many different colors and textures, so it is easy to find something to like.

SurEvolution Flower Bowl – $99

These bowls are sustainably made in India and are beautiful. I have bowls like this scattered all over my room at home holding any random thing from keys to makeup to jewelry. They are created through a technique called sand casting, and are bright gold.

Voluminous Camilla Canisters – $54-$69

These look fabulous. Clear canisters or vases are great for decorating around the house because they are so versatile. I like to style mine with seasonal goodies. Fall was maple leaves, pine cones, and mini squashes. This winter holiday season they are decorated with pine cones and gold bulb ornaments.

Sweater Knit Throw – $59

I love the look of sweater knit. I even have mugs that are sweater knit. This blanket can keep you warm and cozy for hours.

Antique Silver Pill Box – $12

“My cure for everything.” How annoying is it to carry five different pill bottles (five being on the high side. I hope). This snazzy silver pill case is perfect to carry your pills in and be sneaky about it while at dinner or out with friends, or family. Now you can always have some Tylenol on hand for your friends when they ask!

Power Balance Wristband – $29.95

For the fitness driven christmas giftee, try one of these Power Balance wristbands. They “use holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body’s natural energy field to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.” Sounds great! Can someone get one for me? Okay, thanks :).

(All of these choices were my own and I was not given any special reward to promote these products).

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