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November 25, 2009

Surprise! Food is just one of the many things I am interested in. Granted, I love it and wish I could cook all day, I still enjoy frequenting the gossip, fashion, and design blogs. As an avid blog reader, I have gathered some of my favorites to share.

Photo from Fast Company

Fast Company Magazine – Masters of Design Blogs

Fast Company has utilized their winning Masters of Design and utilized them to get some great blog pieces and unique ideas. One of my favorite guest bloggers is Portland local Steve McCallion, executive creative director at Ziba Design. Lately he has been blogging about consumer experience and the design strategy for Portland Art Museum’s China Design Now.

Photo from L.A. At Home

L.A. At Home

This blog offers great decorating and interior design trends that inspire me to redecorate with every entry. Thankfully for my pocketbook, there is no money in it! Saves me from myself.


This photo-blog helps me to keep up to date on international current events. As a visual person, I like to put a picture with events and news from the day. At least a couple times a day they come up with some of the most beautiful photos.

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