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Power Happy Hour

November 14, 2009 the current economy, restaurant Happy Hours are in full swing. It seems that every restaurant around has a new Happy Hour menu that customers are dying to dive into. This is smart, especially for drawing in new customers. Contributing Happy Hour menus into your normal restaurant day will bring new people into your business and introduce them to your food. If you put your best appetizers on the menu, it is a guarantee that customers will return to have a full tasting of the possibilities in your restaurant. I would!

 Not only is the economy an issue, I am a recent college graduate with extremely low funds to spend on a nice meal. Like my clothing, my taste-level is admittedly higher than my pocketbook will allow. Happy Hours are great for young college graduates who need to be fed and still enjoy getting a drink and socializing with friends. If you are a business leader or owner needing to host an event, hosting a Happy Hour is a great and affordable idea as well and leads to great networking.

 I recently went to a Happy Hour at Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant (chain restaurant but still hit the spot and yummy margaritas), and it made me think about the endless possibilities around such a big town like Portland. I decided to research and find some great spots around the area, both for myself and for others to enjoy. I am also interested in new ideas and trying new places. When it comes to food, I will try anything once!

 50 Plates – 333 NW 13th Ave.

Inspired by regional American cuisine, 50 plates gets its name from 50 states and they try to bring incorporate flavors unique to each state. This is a sample of their Happy Hour menu.

crispy fried chicken on a waffle with coffee maple drizzle

andouille, vegetable & rice fritters with a creole dipping sauce

Northwest meets Southwest

creole ragout with chorizo & tomato

goat cheese, roasted garlic & artichoke filling, avocado ranch dipping sauce

citrus-soy sauce or champagne mignonette

white wine, charred tomatoes, chorizo, roasted poblano chilies

Oba – 555 NW 12th Ave

Oba coins their cuisine as Nuevo Latino. I think it is just delicious. I have been here twice now and fully intend on making a return appearance, possibly for happy hour!

 green chili -white cheddar macaroni and cheese 5.00
add diced chicken breast 3.00

chilé-corn fritters with pasilla-tomato sauce and
lime crema 4.50

puerto rican-style fried rice with corn, plantains
and avocado 4.5

prime rib coyotas with two fresh salsas 6.00

braised pork tostada with red beans, cotija cheese
and lime crema 5.50

grilled baja chicken tacos with fire-roasted salsa 6.50

 Carafe – 200 SW Market St.

A local Portland-er told me Carafe and Sere Happy Hour’s are Portland’s unknown gems.

 3 – 6pm Monday – Friday


Crostini on Grilled Baguette

Choice of 2 for 1.95

Saucisson Sec, butter, cornichons

Camembert & apple

Bleu cheese & honey

Herbed goat cheese

 Pommes Frites

with house mayo


Carafe’s Cheese Fries

Pommes Frites with Oregon Gouda & Tabasco


gratinéed with ham & Gruyère

 Jambon Beurre

Baguette, ham, butter, lettuce & cornichons

 Deviled Eggswith roasted peppers


with white wine, shallots & butter


Smoked Salmon

with capers & onions

 Croque Monsieur

baked ham & cheese sandwich with Gruyère, béchamel & Dijon


with garlic-hazelnut-parsley butter

 “Pigs in a Blanket”

Kobe beef hot dog with Dijon in a crepe


Carafe’s Burger

add cheddar, bleu or Gruyère 1.00

add smoked bacon 1.00

 Sere – 1105 NW Lovejoy St.

happy hour menu

 Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls     2.50

 Pot Stickers    3.50

Duck Salad Rolls    4.00

 Wontons in Szechuan Chili Sauce    3.50

 Tang Tang Noodles     3.00

 Crispy Scallops with Honeyed Walnuts    4.00

 Sungari Lo Mein    4.00

 Sungari Fried Rice    4.00

 Organic Buddha’s Delight    5.00

 BBQ Pork Short ribs    5.00

 Salt & Pepper Calamari     4.50

 General Tso’s Chicken     5.00

 Prawns with Snow Peas    5.00

 Draft Beers 3.00

 Corvidae Rook Red Blend 5.00

 Sungari Signature Drinks 6.00


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