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Ultimate Tailgating Ideas

October 27, 2009

Football season is upon us folks! Time to get your tails in gear and load up those trucks! It’s time to tailgate! Actually, the act of tailgating is much more than that, and if you plan well and have fun being creative, it can really be successful. This past weekend I attended the University of Oregon versus University of Washington football game in Seattle, and while it was great the Ducks kicked butt, the tailgating is always the main draw for me. I love to wander around and see what everyone is cooking and what new and fresh ideas people have in store for me to lovingly copy later.


The most memorable tailgate cuisine is thought up with a creative or sarcastic note to it. For example, my parents being UW Husky fans thought making “duck legs” for the tailgate would “slow down our offense” (fat chance). But really, all that was made was chicken legs to dip in Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce. The fun was still had and the jokes were still supplied, and that is the point of a tailgate anyway: To be amongst the opponents and have a good time.


Other great ideas for food include preparing a signature protein from the opponent’s city. For example there is salmon from Seattle, Philly Cheese Steaks and mussels from Chesapeake Bay. Some great inspirations and ideas can come from websites like Fanatical Food.


Another great addition to add some excitement to a tailgate is to serve Jello Shots and color them in either your team’s colors or the opponents. I have seen these served many ways like Dixie Cups, or even large plastic syringes. Here is an easy recipe from if you choose to make some for your next gig hosting a tailgate.


6 ounces of Jello

16 ounces boiling water

6 ounces cold water

10 ounces of Vodka


Mix the Jello mix with boiling water until the powder is dissolved and add the cold water and alcohol. Allow the Jello to cool in a pan (for syringes) or pour the cooling mixture into shot classes or paper cups.


I am interested in hearing about your favorite tailgate meals and memories. What is the most notable tailgate you have attended?

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  1. pdxsx permalink
    October 27, 2009 5:01 pm

    Anything slow BBQed is the way to go. Low and slowwww.


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