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Hippie Food

October 26, 2009


Four years ago I moved to Eugene, OR to attend University of Oregon and had no idea the cultural affect it would have on me. Eugene: Home of Country Fair and Faerieworlds.



Anyway, while no matter how hard you search you will not find me dressed in fairy wings, ripped tights and unshaven armpits, this culture I lived amongst did rub off on me a little bit. I like tofu. I eat less meat. I buy organic and I recycle. I have also embraced a certain movement I have lovingly termed “Hippie Food.”


It is a simple concept really, and it is a concept I already love to practice on my own. Why? Because it’s easy! Brown rice plus whatever healthy and tasty goodies you feel appropriate to pile on top in a bowl. Stir it up and you have wholesome deliciousness to satisfy picky eaters and meat lovers galore.


It all started with Eugene’s own Café Yumm and its Yumm Bowl. Layer brown rice, black beans, Café Yumm’s Original Yumm Suace, salsa, black olives, cheese, avocado, sour cream and cilantro, and there you have it! Funny how such simple ideas can generate such a cult following, and in the case of Yumm Sauce, there is no other way to describe it. Its taste is truly unique and if I attempted to pinpoint the individual ingredients I would most likely get it completely wrong. All I can say is there is garlic, lots of garlic. And really, what more is there to say? Garlic is the backbone of every sauce or recipe that makes it mouthwatering. It seems that Original Yumm Sauce is something you either love or you hate, but if you love it you crave it.


As you can imagine, I was disappointed to move away from Eugene for fear that Café Yumm would never be readily available to me again (Alas, I discovered they recently opened a store in Beaverton, OR and are looking to spread their franchise into Washington and California as well). What’s a girl to do? Lucky enough a friend of mine introduced me to one of Portland’s beloved food carts called The Whole Bowl: Same concept, different sauce, just as delicious. Whole Bowl’s signature sauce is called Tali Sauce and it is bright yellow. Once again my poor ability to point out specific ingredients and flavors are failing me, but it does have lemon as a base flavoring, and garlic of course. Apparently the locals and frequent customers call the sauce “Crack Sauce.”


There are many varying opinions as to what makes the best Yumm Bowl or Whole Bowl. Personally I like to add some spiciness to mine and, as Chef Emeril would say, “kick it up a notch.” Chopped jalapenos, pickled or fresh, do the trick for me. Some prefer to add zucchini or greens.


What is your favorite combination in a Yumm Bowl or Whole Bowl? Does anyone have any other favorite Hippie Food destinations?


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  1. pdxsx permalink
    October 27, 2009 5:00 pm

    I have the recipie for Yumm Sauce if you’d like a copy. It’s pretty close to Tali Sauce.

    Good post!

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