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Gourmet Magazine

October 20, 2009

Gourmet MagazineIn case you haven’t heard, print media is dying.

I waited for the day when that statement would directly affect me in a way that would make me say “Woah, wait a second,” and apparently that is now. Gourmet Magazine will retire its print existence after this November.

No, I wasn’t a subscriber, but I was a random grocery store impulse buy Gourmet loyalist. I guess it’s just the thought that I can’t have it when I want it anymore! Oh poor twenty-something girl, isn’t that what my generation is used to (so I’m told)?

Alas, I have found the silver lining to this predicament: is actually a very well put together site with interested articles and tempting recipes! When you have the print version of such a magazine as Gourmet, what is tempting you to visit their website? I mean basically has every version of every recipe you could ever need. Times three. But has much to offer as well, from this critical but truthful piece written by Laura Shapiro about “The Trouble With Julie & Julia,” to this festive recipe for Potato Ghosts, very spooky Halloween, and don’t forget a Gourmet Guide to eight great Portland Street Vendors (hello opportunities!).


In addition to those articles you can find featured on the current homepage, there are always sections for travel, wine, a Cookbook Club and Gourmet TV. Why didn’t I know this was here?

I guess all I’m trying to say is that while it is right to mourn the loss of a culinary print tycoon, I can’t help to be thankful for what I found in the meantime: A great and worthy website chock-full of information invaluable for the budding, everyday, and expert cook out there.


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