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October 13, 2009

Intro PostWell, a new (and final I might add) quarter has begun. Real world is looming like a seasonal cold and I still cannot put my true feelings into words about it. I am excited and scared, anxious and timid, confident and intimidated. Never knew I could feel this mixed up inside! All I know is that I am headed in a great direction and can’t wait to see what lies at the end.

This term I have relocated out of Eugene, Ore. and into the famous Pearl District in Portland. I love it. I spend all day downtown and love walking around the city and riding in the street car. I am interning at an amazing design firm, Ziba Design, in the marketing communications department. My final two school courses are a Public Relations Campaigns class, where we are given a real client and work pro bono to develop a PR campaign for them, and an Advanced Public Relations course, which is what this introductory blog posting is about. I am very thankful that we can further explore our outside interests through blogging rather than be assigned to blog about topics I don’t care too much about. Looking forward to putting my thoughts on food and travel to paper, or rather space, more often!

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  1. pdxsx permalink
    October 13, 2009 5:10 pm

    Great post, Brooke! Superb picture and solid entry. Well done. I look froward to continuing to read your updates! Good recipes too!


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