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Healthy Eating Means Happy Eating

August 12, 2009

Having just about finished my college career, my eating habits are in need of a desperate overhaul. A good friend of mine, Betsy Reed of @FitLifeGoodLife, has always been an inspiration and role model when it comes to her drive and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she has taken up Tosca Reno’s Eating Clean Diet to supplement her workout regimen. 

Here is my interview with Reed with the goal of picking her brain for healthy tid-bits and tricks. Enjoy!

Reed preparing an Eat Clean dinner

Reed preparing an Eat Clean dinner

What is your diet and food theory?

My “diet” theory is essentially to never “diet.” When we say we’re going on a “diet” it signifies that there is a beginning, and an end. Although the word itself really just means what one eats, over the years through fads and trends this word has developed a nasty connotation. So, I like to say “the way I eat.” My food theory is to enjoy it and love it. Food is AMAZING! It’s delicious, and fuels our body to be able to do great things. But, when you don’t eat the right things, your body shuts down. I like to eat food that is both flavorful, and healthy, which is easier to do that you may think! On the other hand, I definitely have my moments when I indulge. This is a testament to my ability to loosen up, and not take myself too seriously. I’m only human, and LOVE chocolate, and French fries and beer all that stuff – I just don’t have it all the time.

What made you decide to stick to the Eat Clean Diet?

Well, I had heard about it through my favorite women’s fitness magazine “Oxygen.” The author of the book, Tosca Reno, writes a monthly column about clean eating. I was intrigued by her fitness success story, and wanted to learn more about the clean eating lifestyle. I figured if it works for fitness professionals, who spend their time and energy on creating a fit physique, than it must work! After I did my research, and began eating clean, I found that I had never felt better! I had more energy for my workouts, was in a better mood, had less sugary cravings, and also, my hair and skin was glowing!

How does it work in your daily life?

It definitely isn’t easy, especially for someone on the go. But, once you get in the habit of preparing food in advance, when you have free time and packing a cooler everywhere you go, it just seems to fit in the schedule! For example, Sunday afternoons are usually pretty dead for me, they are my rest day from the gym, and I can only do laundry for so long! So, on Sundays I will grill 12 chicken breasts, and bake 6 yams, and boil a few dozen eggs in preparation for the week. Then, when I am strapped for time and running out the door, I won’t have to grab crackers, or a protein bar.

Slicing away!

Slicing away!

What is your grocery shopping theory? How do you shop for groceries?

Produce and bulk food bins! A variety of fresh fruit and vegetables are the cornerstone to eating clean. Also, bulk food bins is where I get my oats, wheat germ, flax seeds, and almonds to grind almond butter. Also, I always keep a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a few cans of water packed tuna. Other than that, it depends on what I’m cooking for dinner and what’s on sale! I love salmon, tilapia, tuna steaks, etc. Anything lean, or when it comes to fish—non-oily.

 Which food would you recommend everyone eat regularly?

Anything that is a lean protein. Most people, especially women, don’t get nearly enough of it! And protein, when eaten in conjunction with a complex carbohydrate is what keeps us fueled up and fully satiated! So, think egg whites, chicken or turkey breast, non-oily fish, all natural protein powders, etc.

What was the best meal of your life?

Oh man! That is a TOUGHIE! Probably a waygmu beer burger from the Steelhead Diner in Pike Place. It has sautéed mushrooms and onions and gruyere cheese… it was TO DIE FOR!

 What would you like to be your last meal?

Hmm….Probably a humongous lobster tail and a plate of fettuccine alfredo! Yummy!

Everyone has to have a Fantasy Dinner Party. If you could invite any 5 people, alive or dead, to a dinner party you host, who would you invite? And what would you make?

I would invite Matt Lempke, Casey McKillip, Boone Quesnel, Jeff Iburg and Brooke Burris! I would want all the guys to have one last meal with Matt. I would probably make filet mingon and lobster with big old baked potatoes and apple pie for dessert. Something extremely All-American and man friendly!

The finished product! Chicken with olive tapenade, fresh salad, quinoa and greek salad

The finished product! Chicken with olive tapenade, fresh salad, quinoa and greek salad

Any last words of advice to those aspiring to stick to a healthier lifestyle and healthy eating?

You can do it! Just don’t allow yourself to make excuses and everything will fall into place. Set small goals first, and then work your way up to healthier eating. It is totally possible to change your “diet” or the way you eat, you just have to be determined to make it happen! Good luck, and follow me on Twitter FitLifeGoodLife for more fitness and healthy eating tips!

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